Yes America there is a group that has volunteered to pick up where the criminal ACORN has left off, scientists have found a new phenomenon that is guaranteed to help this country get through the next two year and liberals have decided upon a new way to describe Green Bay Packer fans. These and other stories are included in today’s News Busted, the twice weekly feature from 

Remember…you must watch this video or face the fines related to the Obamacare mandate for daily laughter.  So silence all of your explosive rhetoric, and enjoy the funniest three minutes on the internet (today). Oh, and remember, swallow whatever you are drinking unless you want your computer to be damaged from the resulting spit take and enjoy the latest episode of Newsbusted.   Click play and watch as Jodi Miller gives you Newsbusted, a look at the real news (sort of). And if you cannot see video below click here