Tired of all the gaffes made by SCHMOTUS Joe Biden, the Obama administration has developed a fool-proof way of reigning in the VP. Amazingly it has already been tested in public without our knowledge. Jodi Miller has the story in today’s Newsbusted the twice-weekly feature from Newsbusters.org . Other news stories covered include, Al Sharpton’s big celebration, the real reason the AP was upset it got “punked” with a fake GE story and  why we wont see much of President Obama until mid-June.

This episode of Newsbusted is the the funniest two and a half minutes on the internet since President Obama began to link the Jewish holiday of Passover to the revolts going through the Arab world.

So watch this episode of Newsbusted because if you don’t the British Government will use your house as a place to deposit the unruly wedding guests.  Click play below and remember, not only is this for your own good, but it will hurt the Democrats much more than it will hurt you.

Oh, and if you cannot see video below click here 

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