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Last week it was revealed the United States’ economy was growing at a snails pace, the GDP rose at a 0.1% rate in first quarter. Obviously the White House needed an explanation for the lousy growth number in order to help Democratic candidates in the midterm elections.  According to Newsbusted Anchor Jodie Miller (see video below), the President is going to blame the slow growth on an anti-Islam you tube video, saying it worked to keep the media away on Benghazi.

Other news items covered in the latest installment of Newsbusted the weekly faux news feature from (embedded below) John Boehner’s Cinco de Mayo celebration; mainstream media coverage of Benghazi; Ben Affleck counts cards in Vegas; and much, much, more.

Please make sure you watch the video below because something bad always happens to the people who don’t. Last week President Obama forgot to press play and some embarrassing Benghazi memos were exposed. So if you don’t want your embarrassing memos to be released, you better press play.

Oh and if you cannot see the video player below please click here

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