That old saying “over my dead body” may have a different meaning in the 2012 election. According to Newsbusted anchor Jodi Miller nearly two million dead Americans are still registered to vote.  With the Democrat’s skill at voter fraud as evidenced by ACORN and those funky absentee ballots that kept turning up in the Minnesota Senate race, who knows if President Obama wins re-election (God-forbid!) it might literally be over our dead bodies.

Other news items covered in the latest installment of Newsbusted the twice-weekly faux news feature from include; the coming of Recovery Summer III, almost half of all doctors regret going into medicine, the winner of the Helen Thomas Excellence in Teaching Award, and much, much, more.

This episode of Newsbusted is the the funniest two and a half minutes seen since the SCHMOTUS, Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag that the administration really did support gay marriage.

This episode is extremely important.  In fact if you don’t watch video below Geroge Clooney will host his next Obama fundraiser in your backyard—at three AM,

So to keep your neighbors talking to your backyard green make sure to hit the play button below.  Oh and if you cannot see the video please click here