When the White House announced that they would not release the Osama Bin Laden death pictures, they said things such as it would hurt the troops, and we don’t need to “spike the football.”  Nonsense, all nonsense! Apparently there is a much different rationale for the President to keep the Bin Laden pictures under wraps and only Newsbusted Anchor Jodi Miller has them.

Other exclusives covered in today’s edition of the twice-weekly feature from Newsbusters.org  include Obama’s difficulty in raising campaign funds, why many people believe the end of the world already happened, and John Edward’s surprising return to politics.

Please don’t let yourself miss this issue of  Newsbusted.  Because should you miss it, the Palestinians will refuse to recognize your right to exist. Click play below and remember, this is going to hurt the liberals much more than it will hurt you.

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