Barack Obama may very well be the worst President in my lifetime (strong words considering that Jimmy Carter was also in my lifetime). So it hasn’t been a surprise to see his approval ratings going south. Interestingly his lousy performance has nothing to do with his drop in the polls.  In a Newsbusted exclusive we learn the real reason President Obama’s approval is in the proverbial crapper.Learn the whole story in today’s edition of Newsbusted  the twice weekly program from

Other stories covered by Anchor Jodi Miller in today’s edition are; a look at the new landmark just achieved by the Obama administration, the racist critics of Herman Cain, the new Latino-themed national park, the TV shake-up that no one knows about and much, much, more.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted.  Last week someone forgot to push play and the RNC kidnapped him and made him stand between Romney and Perry during a debate. The poor guy hurt his shoulder on the Romney -side and was black and blue from finger poking on the Perry side. Trust me you do NOT want that to happen to you.

So make sure to watch the video, oh, and if you cant see the below click here.