Its Tuesday, that means its time for Wait, its Wednesday but today we have a special, why the hell wasn’t it available yesterday edition of Newsbusted, the usually twice weekly look at the news by comedian/Newsbusted Anchor Jodi Miller. This edition is broadcast from a secret location in Afghanistan where Miller is about to entertain the troops. Secret? I guess she doesn’t believe in the Geraldo Rivera method of drawing your location in the sand.

In this exclusive (and funny) report the anchor concentrates on the latest news about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s wiener.

Please don’t let yourself miss this issue of  Newsbusted, the twice-weekly feature from Newsbusters. Because if you do those mean ATMs the President was talking about will come steal your job also. And Obama will crack jokes about the lack of shovel-ready jobs.

Remember you have been warned.

And if you cannot see the video below—please click here.

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