A recent scientific study reported that for every hour of TV you watch after age 25,  you lose 21 minutes off your life.  Those same scientists have amended that study and now report that watching the Al Sharpton “train wreck” on MSNBC actually extends your life. Learn all about this new study in an exclusive report from Jodi Miller, anchor of Newsbusted the twice weekly program from Newsbusters.org.

Other reports included in today’s edition are; a preview of the programs in Obama’s upcoming jobs speech, the bad news about the President’s vacation, a look at the experts who predict our economic future, and a look at the violent flash mobs who have been terrorizing the east coast.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted. Because if you do, you will feel a horrible earthquake in your home (that will really be film maker Michael Moore mistaking your kitchen for an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

Oh and if you cant see the video below click here.