In a strange follow-up to his State of the Union Address President Obama has announced a surcharge on the incomes of National Hockey League goalies.  The President claims that it is only fair that goalies pay more as they are part of the”haves” of society.  When asked about the new tax, White House mouth piece Jay Carney denied that it had anything to do with Bruins goalie Tim Thomas’ refusal to attend a ceremony with the President.

Other stories covered by anchor Jodi Miller in today’s Newsbusted, the twice-weekly faux-news program from, include where Barney Frank has registered for his upcoming wedding to his long-time partner, Rachel Maddow’s largest audience of all time, the abridged version of Obama’s State of the Union Address, and much, much more.

Please don’t forget to watch today’s version of Newsbusted as the consequences of missing this episode may be horrible. A reader forgot to press play last Friday and he got a note from the IRS that he will have to pay more taxes….just because.

Oh and if you cant see the video below click here.