Have the Occupy Wall Street types gone mad? Yesterday, the Seattle Protesters tried to make a citizen’s arrest of the Chairman of JP Morgan, today’s target is a bit more unusual.  Word is that Occupy Boston protesters are going to make their way to the southern part of the state and congregate outside of the offices of Parker Brothers.  Their purpose is to launch a protest against Mr. Monopoly, the mustached comic character-mascot on every monopoly game. Yes they’re protesting a cartoon, according to this exclusive report by Newsbusted anchor Jodi Miller

 Other stories covered in today’s edition of Newsbusted  the twice weekly program from Newsbusters.org,  include Officials in Sonoma County, California, now accepting Mexican IDs as a legal form of identification, why MSNBC is about to become the most popular TV network in China, the former Obama speech writer who is developing a TV Series about a President and his greatest love, and much, much more.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted.  Last week someone forgot to push play and Politico made-up stories about the times he was accused of sexual harassment (by a sheep). Trust me you do NOT want that to happen to you.

So make sure to watch the video, oh, and if you cant see the below click here.