Fresh off the reclassification of the Fort Hood terror attack as “workplace violence,” the Obama administration is going even further to avoid labeling things as terrorism, its next target will be the 9/11 attacks, according to a special report by  Newsbusted anchor Jodi Miller.

That’s not all, other stories covered in today’s Newsbusted the twice-weekly faux-news program from include the latest thing Democrats are blaming on President Bush, why AG Holder is correct when he said “not one person lied about fast and furious, the SMOTUS Joe Biden’s major faux pas at the Chanukah candle lighting and much, much more.

Please don’t forget to watch today’s version of Newsbusted as the consequences of missing this episode may be horrible. A reader forgot to press play last week and Newt Gingrich told America that his family was an invented family.

Oh and if you cant see the video below click here.