Senator John Kerry is tired of being a loser ! Face it, the poor guy lost out the 2004  Presidential election to George Bush and lost out to Hillary Clinton in his quest to be President Obama’s Secretary of State.  The man has been a Senator for 26 years and quite frankly he is bored.  In an exclusive new report, from Newsbusted Anchor Jodi Miller Kerry is about to quit the Senate for the opportunity to be a Television Star and its not a news or reality job, he is going to star in a new sitcom developed just for him. This Kerry exclusive is just one of the stories covered in today’s edition of Newsbusted, the twice-weekly feature from

Other reports included in today’s edition are; the new charges that President Obama is planning on making against Mitt Romney, why the Green Bay Packers may have to give up their Super Bowl rings, why ACORN is having difficulty in finding names to register to vote, and why designer Vera Wang is having difficulty in making Kim Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted. Because if you do, French actor, Gerard Depardieu will come to your house and urinate on your floor, just as he did with the Airplane a few days ago.

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