For the second time this week  Newsbusted Anchor Jodi Miller is reporting from Afghanistan and she has used her superior investigative skills in an exclusive report proving that President Obama has killed more than just Usama Bin Laden since the terrorist’s death in early May.

This is just one of the stories covered in today’s edition of the twice-weekly feature from Other reports include possible proof that the President of the United States is a jinx, the NY Times promotion where every single reader gets a gift from the paper,  a report on the proposed United Nations world-wide gun registry, former Vice President Al Gore’s reaction to the recent solar flares, and much, much more

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of  Newsbusted. Because if you miss it your father will be compelled to tell you what he thinks of the fact that you get him the same damned gift every year for father’s day (and it ain’t pretty).

Oh, and if you cannot see the video below—please click here.