The Department of Homeland Security is expanding, they have begun to run commercials on hotel TV  networks across America.  But according to to Newsbusters anchor Jodi Miller the security agency is now training hotel bell boys to spot problems.  Also part of the program is they are training the hotel staff to grope you just like the TSA folks.

 Other stories covered in today’s edition of Newsbusted  the twice weekly program from,  include global warming’s detrimental effect on the Flintstones, a report that one out of four airport travelers are sneaking banned liquids onto flights (but you should see what the other 75% are doing). Jersey Shore’s “The Situation’s”  name change and much much more.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted.  Last week someone forgot to push play and and the Occupy Denver Dog came and took a poop on his bed.

So make sure to watch the video, oh, and if you cant see the below click here.