In an exclusive report from Jodi Miller, anchor of Newsbusted the twice weekly program from, we have learned that Jim Carrey Hollywood funnyman faces deportation from the United States, all because of a new policy covering Canadian nationals outlined by the Department of Homeland Security. Rumor has it that Captain Kirk,  William Shatner may face the same fate.  Learn all about this strange ruling in today’s episode of Newsbusted, the twice weekly program from

Other reports included in today’s edition include Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s fun name for 9/11, what television viewers saw when they had their TVs tuned in during the Presidential jobs speech, the real prize waiting for the winner of the GOP primaries and the latest group to object to Rick Perry’s characterization of Social Security as a ponzi scheme.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted. Because if you do, President Obama will take your computer as a tax contribution.

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