Those four dollar/gallon gas prices getting you down? No body is complaining about those high gas prices more than the Liberal/Progressives in the Democratic party, but for surprising reasons.  Some are even projecting that it may cause Obama to lose his reelection bid. To understand the reasons why, just watch the video below as Anchor Jodi Miller gives all the details in today’s installment of Newsbusted the twice-weekly feature from,

Other stories covered in today’s report are why some fear that 2012 will be the most racist election in history,  why Elliot Spitzer thinks there is no such thing as objectivity in news reporting, and a celebration of Jay Leno’s 61st birthday.

This episode of Newsbusted is the the funniest two and a half minutes seen on the internet, since the White House tried to come up with a new version of the Bin Laden raid.

Please don’t let yourself miss this issue of  Newsbusted.  Because should you miss it, the Department of Defense will conduct the next terrorist’s burial at sea in your bathtub (with you in it). Click play below and remember, this is going to hurt the liberals much more than you.

Oh, and if you cannot see video below click here

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