Holy Cow.  Earlier in the week CNN’s David Gergen admitted to swimming in his undershorts with George Clooney while covering the Actor for a story. In an exclusive report from Jodi Miller, anchor of Newsbusted the twice weekly program from Newsbusters.org, 
we find out that Gergen a former Clinton adviser also covered Anthony Weiner and….well let just say you might not want to watch the video with an empty stomach.

Other stories covered in today’s edition are the one good thing that came out of Obamanomics, why Obama endorses the auto repair shop which requires people to recite a bible verse to get a discount, Six million American’s <25 years old are now living at home-find out what they are now doing, and much much more.

Please don’t let yourself miss this special episode of Newsbusted.  Someone forgot to push play for Tuesday’s edition and Ron Paul covered their house with Aluminum Foil in the middle of the night (he said it would prevent harm from the space waves coming from the ship above the north pole).

Oh and if you cant see the video below click here.