Every wonder why, in the face of all the facts, the destruction of the economy, etc., people vote for Democrats?  Well thanks to Jodi Miller
of Newsbusted we now know–brain eating amoebas. Apparently these strange microscopic creatures not only cause people to vote for the nearest progressive Democrat, but it also makes them believe in the global warming hoax.

Other news items covered in the latest installment of Newsbusted the twice-weekly feature from Newsbusters.org, include
why President Obama has classified his golf scores as top secret, the real reason John McCain will not watch the HBO movie “Game Change,” besides bluffing, what President Obama doesn’t do, and much, much more

This episode of Newsbusted is the the funniest two and a half minutes
seen on the internet, since CNN’s Soledad O’Brien lied about critical race theory just so she could defend Barak Obama. 
Remember the mainstream media gives you fake news, but only
Newsbusted gives you fake news that is funny. Click on the player below.

Oh, and if you cannot see video below click here