After the almost universal panning of the President’s attacks on the Supreme Court earlier this week and the subsequent denial that his attack ever took place, the Democratic party has been exploring other ways to get out of being blamed for the entire healthcare mess created by Obamacare.  In a special report from Newsbusted anchor Jodi Miller we learn that if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare as being unconstitutional the Democrats will go after the very foundation of the American republic.  They will try to sell American Citizens that Constitution is a racist document.  After all, anything that disagrees with Obama or one if his policies is by definition…racist.

Along with that story other news items covered in the latest installment
of Newsbusted the twice-weekly faux news feature from, include Canada raising the legal retirement age, the Syracuse University study declaring global warming had nothing to do with humans, the actor selected to play President Reagan in the Nancy Reagan bio-pic and much, much more.

This episode of Newsbusted is the the funniest two and a half minutes
seen Jay Carney had to explain what the President really said about the federal courts.

This episode of Newsbusted is extremely important.  In fact if you
don’t watch President Obama will come to your Church and demand you rip up the signs for the East Egg Hunt and replace them with signs for a “Holiday Egg Hunt”

So avoid disappointing  your kids and watch the video below–and if you cannot see video below click here