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According to President Obama, now that Obamacare has “signed up” eight million people, Democrats should aggressively campaign on his healthcare law.  According to a new poll by Kaiser Health Tracking, Obama gave his party lousy advice.

Approval for Obamacare today is at the same 38% as it was before the 8 million number was announced.

Obamacare’s unfavorable ratings remained at 46% percent.   Looking at a party breakout Democrats support the bill, Republicans have an unfavorable, and independents favorable/unfavorable numbers (37%/50%) are almost exactly the same as the total numbers.

The study shows the high unfavorable numbers are the result of a belief that the law isn’t working as intended.

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The study shows the high unfavorable numbers are the result of a belief that the law isn’t working as intended. And like the unfavorable percentages, both the Republicans and the independents drive the numbers.

For example in the chart below 61% of independents say the law is not working as planned:

But as GOP politicians have been hinting, most Americans believe that the law should be fixed as opposed to repealed. Here the independents are siding with Obamacare.

Interestingly the reason people have not purchased an Obamacare plan is that the Affordable Care Act is not very affordable.

In the end, this poll gives some direction to the Republican Party for the midterms.

First their strategy of emphasizing the problems with Obamacare is correct (although the discussion needs to go beyond Obamacare).

Finally, talking about repealing Obamacare is only half the battle, Americans want it fixed not repealed, so Republicans have to present what they would fix or what they would replace Obamacare with, otherwise they are playing into the hands of the opposition.

In 2009 when Obamacare was being formulated, the GOP introduced 35 different health care proposals and Nancy Pelosi refused to discuss every single one, but its five years later and the Republicans rule the house, it is no longer acceptable that the caucus hasn’t presented (and passed) an alternate to Obamacare.

If you wish to read the entire Kaiser poll click here.

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