Is it possible to get any clearer than this? In a new poll conducted by Channel 2 in Israel, asking the question that who should be the Prime Minister:

26% of Israelis believe that Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu should be prime minister, followed by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (9%), former prime minister Ehud Barak (6%), Labor MK Ami Ayalon (5%), Vice Premier Shimon Peres (4%), Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman (3%), billionaire Arkadi Gaydamak (2%) and Peretz (1%). Olmert received zero percent in the poll. (JPOST)

Lets put that in perspective. If the election was conducted today, Olmert would receive the same percentage of votes as Abu Mazen, Osama Bin Laden and Bishop Desmond Tutu. When your ratings are the same as two mass murdering terrorists and an anti-Semite named after a ballerina’s dress maybe it’s is time to GET THE HELL OUT.

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Kadima officials are now privately conceding that Olmert cannot survive. Some are even saying it publicly:

“The prime minister must ask himself, in light of the circumstances, if he has the authority and ability to lead the government now, and if he has the power to repair the failures that were revealed,” Defense Committee chairman Tzahi Hanegbi said. “If the answer to both these questions is negative, he will have to reach his own conclusions.”(JPOST)
“The countdown has begun. He is finished … either way he is on his way out,” a Kadima minister told Ynet. Kadima MK Marina Solodkin said Tuesday, “I think Olmert has no choice but to resign. The report determined that he failed; it was unequivocal.

The first of hopefully many dominoes fell this morning. Labor Secretary- General Eitan Cabel became the first minister to leave Olmert’s government because of the Winograd report.

In what he said he hoped would cause a chain reaction in the cabinet that will force Olmert to quit. In a press conference at Labor’s Tel Aviv headquarters, Cabel, who was a minister-without-portfolio, said he stayed awake all night reading the report and decided that Olmert’s mismanagement of the Second Lebanon War should disqualify him from continuing to serve as prime minister. (JPOST)

“I cannot sit in a government that Olmert heads anymore,” Cabel said. “There have been enough scandals in the short period of the government but the war is above them all. I feel the heartstrings of the public, which has lost its faith in Olmert’s leadership.”

Other forms of protest against Olmert are beginning to sweep the country:

The Security for Sderot Task Force plans to begin a march from Sderot to Tel Aviv, beginning this afternoon (Tuesday). The march is timed to end on Thursday afternoon, just as the large anti-Olmert protest, called by a large group of Lebanon War reservists and others, will be starting at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.

“We are the proof that Olmert and Peretz have failed and continue to fail every day in the way they deal with the threat from Gaza,” says Alon Davidi of Sderot. “We wish to add our voices to the demand for their immediate resignations.”

Reservists organizing the Thursday protest say that the findings released yesterday are “merely the tip of the iceberg. Every day that Olmert and Peretz continue in their jobs, they endanger the citizens of Israel.”

The Supreme Court has already received one petition demanding Olmert’s resignation. Atty. Yosef Fuchs, of the Land of Israel Legal Forum, filed the suit. Fuchs explained that the Kahn Commission investigating the Sabra and Shatila massacres of 1982 found that one who is found to bear ministerial responsibility for a grave security or political fiasco, must resign or be fired. It will be recalled that then-Defense Minister Ariel Sharon was found to be responsible for the fact that the defense establishment did not succeed in preventing the Sabra and Shatila massacres, and ended his job on the spot. (

I will repeat what I said the other day. Olmert must do what Golda Meir did after the Yom Kippur war, what Nixon a third of a century ago, and what Eitan Cabel did this morning. He must show how that he loves his country more than splitting the country by trying to hold on to his office. It is time for him to act like a hero for once and resign.