Mr President, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid, thank you all for coming. We, the American people have a little message for you. Please come closer to the computer so you can hear us…you ready?  Good ! We want you to cut our freaking taxes…NOW.

That was the message of the latest Rasmussen poll by a 16% margin (51-36%) Americans want their government to cut taxes across the board to stimulate the economy. By a 17% margin Americans do not believe that Obama has delivered on the promise to cut taxes for 95% of all Americans.

Combine that with other recent Rasmussen data and you can understand why the “tea party movement is growing every day

  •  An April study reported that Sixty percent (60%) of voters nationwide believe tax cuts help the economy, while 15% say they hurt and 14% say they have no impact.That same study showed that 58% of voters believe that Tax increases hurt the economy. (Take that cap and trade)
  • Fifty-three percent (53%) of Americans believe that increases in government spending are  bad for the economy, and almost 80% say the unwillingness of politicians to control government spending is a bigger problem than the public’s resistance to what Joe Biden described as their patriotic duty, paying more taxes.
  • Earlier this week Rasmussen reported that Forty-five percent (45%) of Americans say the rest of the new government spending authorized in the $787-billion economic stimulus plan should now be canceled, just 36% disagree and 20% are not sure. 

Folks this points to one conclusion, conservatives need to concentrate all of their efforts on the economy. All major arguments need to be framed in the context of what it is going to do to government spending, and how the only way to pay for this is out of taxpayers pockets. Health care, Environment, we need to point out every little extra tax, or increase in pricing.  Even the rising gas prices are a new Democratic tax.  After all, the price is being driven up by speculators. Last year when President Bush announced that he was removing the Presidential ban on drilling, prices began their slide (way before the economy tanked).  An announcement of a strategy of using our natural resources (drilling) as well as  looking for alternatives will stablize prices right now. But the President and the Holy Church of Global Warming, would never let this happen, thus another opportunity.

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