After his Nevada win, Donald Trump proclaimed to the world, the Hispanics LOVE ME.  Well that’s not quite true.  He certainly got the most votes of Hispanics registered as Republicans in Nevada, but the general election there are millions of other Latinos and Latinas not registered as Republicans, or living in Nevada who will be who will be voting.  In a newly released Univision/Washington Post poll 80% of all U.S. Hispanic voters have an unfavorable opinion of the billionaire bloviator of birtherism. Even worse 72% have a very unfavorable opinion.


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As you may remember reaching out to Hispanics was a goal of the party ever since 2012 when has President Obama carried Hispanics by a 71 percent to 27 percent margin over Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Based on the poll, Trump who has implied that all Mexicans were criminals would lose to Hillary 73% to 16% and to Bernie 72% to 16%

The other Republicans do better according to the poll.  Rather than losing to Clinton by 57% like Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio would lose by 30% , Sen. Ted Cruz by 38% , and Gov. John Kasich by 43%

Making inroads to Hispanic vote will not be easy for any Republican as 51% of Hispanic voters say they would definitely support the Democratic presidential candidate no matter who the nominee was, and only 14 percent who said they would vote for the Republican. But but based on the poll a Trump candidacy may make it impossible to attract votes from the 32% of Hispanics who are not sure with which party they will place their votes

Marco Rubio is the only one of the candidates above water in terms of favorability (45%/37%), Kasich had positive 27%/21% but over 50% had no opinion and Ted Cruz was 39%positive/ 44% negative.

Note: Ben Carson’s results were included in the questions asked to Republican’s only. However no results were shown for the doctor for the questions asked to the entire Hispanic electorate.