From two different sides of the world we wondered ….Who was crapping on our posts and yours. We had our lists of suspects but couldn’t prove who was giving the bad grades ten at a time …and how they were working sooooooo fast. Still have no clear proof. We do have some suspects . We googled the posts of one and noticed that there was one who would put up 8-9 posts one day, get them up over a hundred points take them down and repost the same articles the next day.

Then Sherlock Bagel Blogger found the a gun that was smoking even more. He put it in a much nicer way than me:

The awards known as the People’s Choice awards seem to be finishing a lot quicker than most people expected. I was going to hold on to this information until the results of the People’s Choice Awards’ became known, but I feel that it is not being honest to not divulge what I know. I’ve debated with my self, my family and friends, should I or shouldn’t I? I also don’t want to be accused of ‘bitter lemons’. I wrote a letter to another blogger and in the course of the letter I presented/made a table, now that I have made the table I feel something is seriously amiss. I wont say what it is. I’ll leave the plain facts speak for them selves. I have a PDF of the Google cache of 17th of Jan of the Israel forum’s blog_best [rankings] which is now no longer available. [I have a copy and a html back up] and I have a PDF of the 19 th Jan 2007 Israel forum’s blog_best Thats less than two days apart What’s the main difference? Well check it out you should be able to see it, it occurred over less than two days. The person is relying on no one seeing anything or saying anything. Well I won’t say anything if you don’t. Well here it is in Table form:

Rank 19th Jan Blog Name Votes tally on 17th Jan Rank on 17th Jan Votes tally 19th Jan Date last activity Tally count difference Up or DownPlaces
1 The Last Best Place 5224 1 5503 18th 279 0
2 Freedom’s Cost 3676 2 3734 16th 58 0
3 Yid With Lid 5916 3 6066 18th 150 0
4 Samson Blinded 2359 8 3579 18th 1220 +4
5 Daf Notes 3993 4 4199 18th 206 -1
6 Bagel Blogger 4737 5 4949 19th 212 -1
7 The Maggid of Bergenfield 1092 6 1113 16th 21 -1
8 Simply Jews 6818 7 6978 18th 160 -1
9 Baleboosteh 2367 9 2422 18th 55 0
10 JoeSettler 2253 11 2255 17th 2 +1
11 Sarah’s View 4317 10 4366 18th 49 -1
12 The Way I See It 3250 12 3279 16th 29 0
13 Divrei Chaim 1385 13 1404 18th 19 0
14 Orthomom 3016 17 3102 18th 86 +3
15 Chayyei Sarah 1592 15 1592 14th 0 0
16 Ask Shifra 1600 16 1616 14th 16 0
17 The Muqata 2078 14 2140 18th 62 -3
18 Slightly Mad 1425 18 1425 14th 0 0
19 Israellycool 4319 19 4440 19th 121 0
20 Lazer Beams 2230 20 2315 18th 85 0

_________________________ Here are snapshots of sections of the webpages in question:

19th of January Google Cache

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17th of January Google Cache

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