The latest smear ad from the Obama campaign tries to paint the the GOP VP nominee as some sort of demon, or as the ad says “severely and harshly anti-female.” The video, designed to look like vintage newsreel uses falsehood and hyperbole to try and smear the Wisconsin

“Mr. Ryan is new to the national scene with out-of-step views from a bygone era. He is known as the author of the extreme GOP budget, the ‘Path to Prosperity,’ one that many say hurts the middle class.”

The video goes on to say the “evil” Ryan hates women:

“What’s perhaps most important for the American public to understand are Paul Ryan’s views toward women and trying to tie him to Congressman Aikins dumb statment it goes on to say he sponsored anti-abortion legislation that used the term ‘forcible rape.’ 

Of course it used the term, forcible rape is “stock language” that was used on all such legislation.

Let me tell you why this ad won’t work.  It is an over reach! It portrays Ryan as a guy so anti-women that, if I didn’t know about the guy, I would hate him. Let’s face it the version of Paul Ryan portrayed in the commercial probably hates puppies, ice cream and “It’s a Wonderful Life.

But tonight America will see the real Paul Ryan, he just looks too nice and too polite to be that devil the as the President falsely portrays him.  The guy doesn’t have horns and a forked tail. 

One of Ryan’s strengths is his ability to explain the country’s problems and his solutions in clear human terms, tonight will be no different.

In the end the Obama picture of Paul Ryan will be over shadowed by the real one. And when the public realizes that this smear of the Wisconsin Congressman is just another Obama lie, it will hurt rather than help is reelections chances.