Much of the Mainstream Media has a low opinion of the American people. They believe them to be mindless cattle who are easy to influence, similar to the President. To the MSM, it was propaganda that got us into the war on terror, and it is their job to use propaganda to get us out. The problem with that theory, is that the American people are not dumb. They mistrust government and ask lots of questions which is why people tend to gravitate toward the conservative point of view. And one thing’s for sure they see through the Mainstream Media’s act.

The latest update of the  Sacred Heart University  media poll asked people about their attitudes regarding the Mainstream Media. Most Americans felt that the media is not neutral, it tries to influence public opinion and policy. They feel that most media has a STRONG liberal bent, Fox news is the most accurate of news services, they don’t want one red cent spent on bailing out the Newspaper Industry, and the media is in the tank for the President.

  • Respondents were asked if they believed all, most, some, little or none of news media reporting. Just 24.3% indicated they believe all or most news media reporting. Just over half of all respondents, 54.0%, said they believe “some” news media reporting. This is down slightly from 55.3% in 2007. Those believing little or no news media reporting dropped to 20.4% in 2009 from 23.9% in 2007.

According to Sacred Heart University Government and Politics Professor and Chair Dr. Gary Rose, “The American people have become increasingly skeptical and suspicious towards institutions which they perceive as distant and manipulative. Small wonder that the media, which is now controlled by a handful of large corporations, is perceived in such a negative light.”

  •  86.6% strongly and somewhat agreed that the news media have their own political and public policy positions and attempt to influence public opinion. And, 85.3%  strongly and somewhat agreed that the news media have their own political positions and attempt to influence public policies. “The results suggest that we are witnessing a new era of partisan media with the important difference that current news outlets claim to be offering objective coverage when they often aren’t,” says Sacred Heart University Media Studies and Digital Culture Associate Professor, Dr. James Castonguay.
  • Poll results found 83.6% saw national news media organizations as very or somewhat biased while just 14.1% viewed them as somewhat unbiased or not at all biased. Some, 2.4%, were unsure.
  • A large majority, 89.3%, suggested the national media played a very or somewhat strong role in helping to elect President Obama. Just 10.0% suggested the national media played little or no role. Further, 69.9% agreed the national news media are intent on promoting the Obama presidency while 26.5% disagreed. Some, 3.6% were unsure. Over half of Americans surveyed, 56.4%, said they agreed that the news media are promoting President Obama’s healthcare reform without objective criticism. Another 39.3% disagreed and 4.3% were unsure. Further, a majority, 57.6% of those surveyed agreed that the news media appear to be coordinating efforts to diminish the record of former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. One third, 34.6%, disagreed and 7.9% were unsure.
  • Researchers asked respondents which television news organization they turned to most frequently. The top five news organizations were Fox News (28.4% – up from 26.5% in 2007), CNN (14.9% – down from 16.0% in 2007), NBC News (10.6% – down from 11.8% in 2007), ABC News (9.3% – down from 11.0% in 2007), and “local news” (9.3% – down from 8.5% in 2007). Other organizations respondents turned to most frequently included CBS News (7.4%), MSNBC (4.3%), PBS News (1.3%), CNBC (0.6%) and CBN (0.1%).
  • Respondents were asked if they selected their favorite because they offer objective reporting or because they view the issues as they did. In results that were nearly three-to-one, 59.0% suggested they made their selection based on objective reporting, while 19.0% chose their favorite because they share the same views on issues. Another 21.0% were unsure or didn’t know. Dr. Castonguay went on to say that “the polarization we are seeing around an issue such as healthcare is being reflected in news media preferences. Those same media outlets are covering, framing, and interpreting the issues for the public, so it becomes a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.”
  • Researchers asked which national television news organization they trusted most for accurate reporting. Fox News was named by 30.0% of all respondents – up from 19.5% in 2003 and 27.0% in 2007. Those named most frequently as the television news organization most trusted for accurate reporting in 2009 included: Fox News (30.0%), CNN (19.5%), NBC News (7.5%) and ABC News (7.5%). Fox News was also the television news organization trusted least. Just over one-quarter, 26.2%, named Fox News, followed by NBC News (9.9%), MSNBC (9.4%), CNN (8.5%), CBS News (5.3%) and ABC News (3.7%).
  • More respondents agreed (strongly or somewhat) with the statement “The news media are not as responsive to consumer preferences and market desires as they claim to be” (70.4%), than disagree (25.5%). Some, 4.1%, were unsure.
  • While strong majorities of survey respondents (73.4%) believed the news media (newspapers, radio, TV and the internet) should provide equal time and space for multiple sides of issues, a similar percentage (70.9%) said the same media should be free from government involvement and allow the market to determine programming demand. “The results once again show that Americans are not getting what they expect from the major news outlets, yet they don’t trust the government to fix the problem,” says Dr. Castonguay.
  • Nearly two-fifths of all respondents, 38.1%, said they are reading newspapers less often than they did five years ago. And, nearly half, 45.0%, agreed that the internet is adequately covering for failing newspapers, while 35.6% disagreed.More than three-quarters, 77.9%, disagreed with a statement suggesting tax dollars be used to prop up failing newspapers.
  •  67.9% agreed with a statement that read: “Old-style, traditionally objective and fair journalism is dead.” Just one quarter, 26.5%, disagreed while 5.6% were unsure.

Along with the mistrust the media isn’t covering the new people want to see:

  • The poll found that, by a six-to-one margin, Americans would prefer to have their national news media cover the life of 1st Lieutenant Brian Bradshaw who was killed fighting in Afghanistan than that of entertainer Michael Jackson following their deaths on June 25, 2009. Another 14.6% suggested they would have preferred an even balance of coverage and 8.0% were unsure. “The overwhelming result is not at all surprising,” Lindsley suggested. “We found 70.4% agreeing that the national news media are not as responsive to consumer preferences and market desires as they claim to be. Just 25.5% disagreed.”
  • Majorities saw too little truthful reporting on the wars (59.6%), news on successes (60.8%), and objective/unbiased news reporting (57.0%).
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The mainstream media doesn’t get it.  Thy are not addressing the public’s needs and like any product that doesn’t address the needs of the public, they are putting themselves out of buisness.