A high school in New Jersey clearly needs to have its administrators purged and replaced with ones that aren’t rampant, Jew-hating, racists.

Jewish students who received their yearbooks at East Brunswick High School in Jersey were shocked when their photos were deleted from the book and replaced by Muslims in an outrageous act that even the town’s mayor called a “blatant antisemitic act.”

The incident, first reported by Jack Elbaum of Algemeiner.com, outraged East Brunswick Mayor Brad Cohen, and rightfully so. He added that an investigation into the school’s horrid actions was going to be undertaken.

Elbaum reported that, “The 2023-2024 yearbook for East Brunswick High School replaced a photo of the Jewish Student Union (JSU) with Muslim students and erased the names of the members of the JSU, leaving a large blank space on the page.”

This really is incredible.

The mayor is looking for some answers.

“The administration will need to determine: 1. How did this happen? 2. What person or persons are responsible? 3. Who are the yearbook advisers and who signed off on this page? 4. Did this act occur at the publisher end? 5. How will perpetrators be held accountable? 6. Does this constitute a hate crime and how will this be prosecuted?” the mayor said.

Dr. Victor Valeski, superintendent of the East Brunswick Public School System, tried to blow it all off as merely “an error” in the printing.

“We are aware of an error in the yearbook,” Valeski said in an email on Tuesday, Elbaum reported. “We are working with the publisher to correct the yearbook. We are also investigating how the error occurred and will address that as appropriate at the conclusion of this investigation.”

Valeski also apologized for the “disappointment it has caused” and pledged to “rectify this situation.”


Hardly. This was a deliberate act of antisemitism.

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