How’s this for a scenario. Lets say a Palestinian Terrorist infiltrates a Jewish settlement in Judea–after all its happened many times before. Now just suppose that this terrorists breaks into one of the homes in the settlement, what will happen? Chances are the Israeli won’t have a weapon because it was just confiscated by the IDF on orders from Prime Minister Olmert, but don’t worry because the terrorist WILL have a weapon maybe even one of the guns given to the terrorists by Olmert. Sounds messed up? You Betcha:

IDF collecting settlers’ weapons Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST Apr. 8, 2008
In recent weeks the IDF has been collecting hundreds of military-issued weapons in the Binyamin region in the West Bank, including weapons that were in the possession of IDF officers. According to reports Tuesday, the only people who were given leave to keep their weapons were rapid response teams and those charged with maintaining security in the settlements. “This is a severe blow to the security of those driving on roads in the territories, especially following the removal of roadblocks and the delivery of weapons to the Palestinian Authority,” a reserve officer who lives in the West Bank told Israel Radio. In a recent meeting with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad, Defense Minister Ehud Barak discussed a list of goodwill gestures he planned to approve for the Palestinians, including the deployment of 600 PA security personnel currently being trained in Jordan to Jenin. Members of the Palestinian police have been implicated in recent shooting attacks in the West Bank which killed Ido Zoldan, Ahikam Amihai and David Rubin. “The weapons were collected for maintenance reasons and are intended to stay in the IDF’s hands except for in emergency cases,” the army said in response. “There are still weapons in the hands of rapid response teams and those who are licensed to carry arms.” “If need be, weapons will be distributed to graduates of combat units,” the army added.