Ezra Levant, who along with Mark Steyn has been on the front lines of the battle for free speech in Canada, may face another lawsuit from the Canadian Islamists, this time for Copyright infringement? Its sounds like any suit would be a frivolous one, but hell, this is Canada, the PC capital of the universe. Read more of the story below

I think another lawsuit is coming my way. Today, my lawyer received this letter from a radical Muslim activist in Toronto. It’s a Certificate of Registration of Copyright. He claims to have copyrighted the image of Mohammed, PBUH (which stands for “peace be upon him”). In other words, it’s now Mohammed, PBUH, TM. I checked it out on Industry Canada’s copyright database and, sure enough, there it is: two weeks ago, Akhtar “Hector” Agha has indeed registered a “Restriction on Depiction of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”. It’s right there on the government website. I’m not sure, but I think “Hector” might be looking for a royalties payment for whenever I do something like post this picture. DanishCartoon07.jpgAt least I think that’s what he’s on about. But he has also addressed his letter to Stockwell Day, the Minister for Public Security. Frankly, when folks like Hector voluntarily report their activities to the minister in charge of fighting domestic jihad, that’s what we call a freebie. Hector has also asked that his concerns be forwarded to the “RCMP unit looking after Human Rights issues”. Again, good thinking Hector. But the RCMP unit in charge of human rights issues is very, very busy right now looking into human rights issues. But there is more to this document besides pure comedy. Look at the top right corner of the second page: it says OIC/Summit. That’s a reference to the “Organisation of the Islamic Conference“, basically an all-Muslim UN. The OIC Summit this March, in Dakar, Senegal, had as its theme the censorship of Western criticism of radical Islam. Here’s a story about it, featuring a glamour shot of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The theme of the conference was how to use the laws of Western countries against themselves. That’s what Hector is doing. He was pretty excited about the OIC’s call for a soft jihad against the West. The boys in Al Qaida and Hamas will take care of the hard jihad — actually blowing up Westerners. The soft jihadists — like Mohamed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress, like Syed Soharwardy the bigoted Calgary imam, like Hector — are actually more dangerous, because they use our own laws against us to weaken our country and erode our free way of life. (But note the thinly-veiled allusion to violence in Hector’s letter: “…it is very fortunate for Canada not to have suffered property loss or injury/causality here or abroad”. I think he meant casualty, but frankly his poor command of English adds a degree of menace, don’t you think? And then he demands certain videos be taken off YouTube, saying “I hope videos like this will not catch much attention for illegal activity which could harm Canada by terrorism, criminal extremism or suspicious activities”. Nice country you have there — shame if anything would happen to it.) Hector is trying to seize the property rights to the image of Mohammed, so that no infidels like me can publish them. Of course, Hector will fail. His claim to a copyright — that’s all it is, a claim, until a court upholds it — is laughable. But, just a few years ago, the idea of Maclean’s being dragged through a five-day trial because it discussed Islam would have been laughable, too. Read Ezra’s Full Post Here Mohammed, PBUH, TM By Ezra Levant