Irma release a poll today that continues to show Israeli disillusionment with their leaders. This telephone survey was conducted this past week and reports that Almost three quarters of the Israeli public want Olmert to quit and an even higher percentage want Peretz out.
Friday, January 26, 2007
Poll: Should resign: Olmert 74%:24% Peretz 84%:16%
Poll: Should resign: Olmert 74%:24% Peretz 84%:16%
Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 26 January 2006 Telephone poll of a representative sample of 516 adult Israelis (including
Arab Israelis) carried out by Dahaf for Yediot Ahronot the week of 26
January and published in Yediot Ahronot on 26 January 2007 Who is most appropriate for the position of president of the State?
Peres 45% Lau 22% Rivlin 15% Avital 8% And without Peres?
Lau 29% Rivlin 25% Itzik 14% Avital 13% Do you believe Katzav that he did not sexually harass women?
Yes 25% No 62% Do you support a deal according to which Katzav confesses and charges
against him are dropped?
Yes 15% No 80% Should the institution of the presidency be cancelled?
Yes 42% No 55% Was Dan Halutz right to resign?
Yes 78% No 17% Do you want Dan Halutz to go into politics and vie for the leadership of the
Yes 28% No 61% Was it right to quickly appoint a new COS before the Winograd Report?
Yes 51% No 39% Was it proper for Olmert and Peretz to choose the next COS?
Yes 26% No 71% Following Halutz, should prime minister Olmert resign?
Yes 74% No 24% Should minister of defense Peretz resign?
Yes 84% No 16% Who has the most responsibility for the failure in the war?
Olmert 33% Halutz 15% Peretz 14% All three 29% Who is more appropriate for the minister of defense position?
Ayalon 55% Barak 33% Who is most appropriate to be prime minister? (IMRA: Israel does not have
direct elections for the prime minister) Netanyahu 45% Barak 19% Olmert 9%
Netanyahu 36% Barak 15% Livni 34%
Netanyahu 37% Ayalon 24% Livni 23%
Netanyahu 44% Ayalon 31% Olmert 8%
Shalom 13% Livni 29% Ayalon 28%
Shalom 18% Livni 36% Barak 18%
Shalom 22% Ayalon 39% Olmert 12%
Shalom 27% Barak 24% Olmert 10%
=== Poll of Labor Party members:
If primaries were held today who would you vote for?
Barak 30% Ayalon 26% Peretz 19% Pines 17% Yatom 3% Second round: Ayalon 47% Barak 46%