Self-execution rule is right! The latest Fox News Poll was just released and it reflects the degree of anger and disenfranchisement Americans feel about their federal government, spurred on by the Obamcare poll that very few want. And the closer we get to the final vote that anger accelerates.

Below are some key findings:

  • Presidential Approval-Has fallen to an all time low in this Fox poll, 46% approve and 48% disapprove. This represents a 4% swing to the negative from the last poll 3 weeks ago three weeks ago.
  • Do you feel your views are represented by the federal government right now, or not? American’s from all political parties feel disenfranchised. Only 35% of Democrats, 19% of independents, and 7% of GOPers feel that the Federal Govt. represents their views.
  • Do you think Congress cares what the American people want and tries to follow the will of the people, or do you think Congress does whatever it wants to do? Probably because the congress is taking the lead in shoving Obamacare down Americas throat, an overwhelming number of Americans (71% of Dems, 85% of Repubs. and 86% of independents) feel that congress does not try to follow the will of the people, instead they do whatever they want.
  • Not that President Obama is home clear,50% of the people feel the POTUS is out of touch with the will of the people (vs 46% who disagree), Other than the President’s own party, the majority of both independents and Republicans feel Obama is out of touch. And only one-third of American’s believe that the President has brought the real change to America that he promised during the campaign.
  • Echoing other Polls American’s oppose the Obamacare plan being considered right now by a 20% margin (55-35%). Only 30% of American’s want congress to pass the current bill, 46% think that congress should start over and 19% want health care dropped so congress could work on something else.
  • 52% of Americans are afraid that Obamacare will reduce the quality of their health care (vs 27% who say things are going to get better).  The majority of Democrats feel that things health care will improve if things get passed, but very few Republicans (4%) and independents (19%) say that Obamacare will improve the quality of their health care. Two-thirds of adults feel Obamacare will end up costing them money and 75% say Obamacare will lead to increased taxes
  • Do you think the government should be able to require all Americans who can afford it to have health insurance or pay a penalty, or not? Americans still believe in freedom as 68% of Americans said no way. Even Democrats weren’t totally buying into that kool-aid as they were equally divided on this Issue. 
  • American’s do not believe Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the bill will create jobs. 56% (vs 36%) say the bill will NOT create jobs. 64% of Americans say the bill will not help the economy.
  •  Americans are not happy with the process, 53% say that Nancy Pelosi is changing the rules to get the bill passed (vs 31% who say she is playing by the rules.

The bottom line is that Americans are angry and frustrated they feel that their president as well as their representatives in the legislature are ignoring their wishes and breaking the rules to pass a bill  they do not want. They are not governing according to the will of the people.

Our founding fathers did not for the government to hold the power in this country, they expected the government to serve the will of the people. Just look at the Constitution. See how much bigger the words “We The People” are.  They are not bigger because the guy scribing the document felt he was going to run out of room so he made the rest of the words smaller.  The words “We The People” are larger because the founders wanted everyone to know where the power and legitimacy of government came from, the people.

The Full Poll is embedded below:

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