Governor Moonbeam of the Peoples Republic of California has made another assault on the English language. On Monday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed three illegal immigration-related measures , including one removing the word “alien” from California’s labor code because it is seen as a disparaging term for those not born in the United States. 

Folks this isn’t a joke, the other two bills allow non-citizens in high school to serve as election poll workers and protect the rights of immigrant minors in civil lawsuits.

The bill banning “alien” is needed to modernize state labor law, in the same way many newspapers have stopped using the term “illegal alien,” said state Sen. Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia), author of the bill.

“Alien is now commonly considered a derogatory term for a foreign-born person and has very negative connotations,” Mendoza said. “The United States is a country of immigrants who not only form an integral part of our culture and society, but are also critical contributors to our economic success.”

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Removing the word Alien is just another example of political correctness gone mad, not the Donald Trump kind of political correctness where everyone is either stupid or an idiot, we are talking about banning words that are part of our civil discourse.

About two years ago at the urging of the PC bullies ago the news media decided the term illegal alien does not accurately describe illegal aliens and from that time forth they will use the term “undocumented immigrant.”

A look at the dictionary supports the use of illegal alien for anybody who is not a U.S. citizen surreptitiously crossing the border without permission.

Illegal: forbidden by law; unlawful; illicit

Alien: An un-naturalized foreign resident of a country. Also called non-citizen.

If I steal a car and the cops come to my house asking me to show papers proving its ownership am I a car thief or an undocumented car driver? If I kidnap a child and I’m asked to show the kid’s birth certificate to prove parentage, am I an undocumented parent, or a kidnapper? If a thief breaks into my house, are they undocumented residents or are they criminally trespassing?

This “banning” of the word alien is just a little part of what the PC police are forcing on the American people.

In some communities manholes have renamed “personnel access units” to avoid offending women. Even though only Christmas that is an official U.S. holiday, communities have renamed their Christmas displays “Holiday Displays” in order to assimilate Chanukah, a holiday at least partially about a war against assimilation, and Kwanzaa a day invented by a Black separatist group in 1966 designed to separate people rather than united.

Remember the times when people would get their Academy Awards after hearing the sentence, “And The Winner Is…..?” Now their victory is a dulled “And the Oscar goes to…

Face it our culture has been damaged by the politically correct, nobody’s feelings get hurt, everybody gets a participation trophy police who are little more than jack-booted thugs attacking anybody who disagrees with their nonsense.

Their assault on our language and culture has a supposed goal of softening words they decide are hurtful, but in doing so they are destroying the true meaning of words and actions. In the extreme it means when a Palestinian straps a bomb to his body, barbarically exploding it killing dozens of Israeli civilians is no longer described by the press with the evil sounding terrorist but a softer sounding “militant.”

And God forbid you use the term Radical Islamic Terrorist, because if the PC police had the power any use of that or similar terms would have you sent to Gitmo with the Radical Islamic Terrorists.

The guardians of political correctness have invaded every aspect of our language, today a tax increase is now a revenue enhancement even though either way we have less cash in our pockets, and additional government spending programs are called investments, either way they lead to more “revenue enhances” Softening the term does not make the case more valid, it simply makes people wonder what they are covering up.

Words matter, some one who targets civilians to frighten them from leaving their homes is a terrorists, someone who criminally trespasses the border of the United States is an illegal alien, a tax increase is not a revenue enhancement, and additional government spending programs are not investments softening the term does not make the case more valid, it simply makes people wonder what they are covering up.

In a move that was supported by members of congress and the President of the United States the US Patent and Trademark Office cancelled the six trademarks owned by the Washington franchise of the NFL, the Redskins. After searching the trademark offices database, one realizes they expelled the name Redskins for the football team but left it for 15 other trademarked products. They also left trademarks for products containing swear words and others with other politically incorrect terms for people such as Fags, Stinky Gringo, Retards, Coons, Half-Breeds, Nips, Beaners, Hillbilllys, Guidos, and Jesse Jackson’s personal favorite, Hymies.

Think about that for a moment, our economy is falling apart because too many “investments” are driving our deficit over 18 trillion dollars, our porous border is allowing “illegal aliens” enter the country with no danger of them being stopped. And no one worries about the real danger that one or more of those criminal trespassers may be a “terrorists” with designs to kill American citizens.

But instead of working on government spending, cutting the deficit, or worrying about terrorists crossing the border politicians like Governor Brown are wasting their time legislating political correctness.

The real intention of their self-righteous, moral indignation over the use of some words is to limit self-expression and the discussion of vitally important issues. By insisting on terms such as “militant” and “undocumented immigrant” and disallowing terms such as Radical Islamist they  put a gag order on the truth and skew the discussion.