It’s an easy concept, they fire one rocket, we fire two, they fire two we fire four. It’s called disproportionate force and its about time that Israel started using it. That was the message that former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu presented to the Jerusalem conference to the attendees today.

In his usual “no holds barred” style Bibi struck a few uppercuts on the Olmert government and and Shas.

Netanyahu called the 2005 Disengagement from Gaza and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s statement that it had been a success, “a kind of total disengagement from reality.”

He told the leaders of the Shas hareidi-Sephardic party:

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The argument that you are part of this government, but you are not part of its policies. You say that you want Jerusalem united, that you do not want to give up our patrimony, that you don’t want to put every part of our city at risk… Why are you sitting in this government? Why are you still in it? Why are you providing Mr. Olmert with an iron bridge from which he can carve up Jerusalem?”

“I have as yet received no answer,” Netanyahu said, and elaborated: “The argument that ‘we shall wait until there is a signed document’ means that there will be a fait accompli, that there will be facts created that will be presented to us, and then we’ll have to work our way back from an international commitment undertaken by a serving Israeli government.”

Bibi you cant rely on Shas…..they are weasels.

The most direct part of Netanyahu’s speech was when he spoke about how he would stop the rockets from Gaza, unlike Kadima he would actually FIGHT BACK (a novel concept these days).

“Deterrence comes before action,” he explained. “Deterrence comes from inside. You project it. And it’s always projected from the leadership to the other side.” Netanyahu explained that the enemy learns what Israel will “stomach, what Israel will tolerate, and what Israel will find intolerable.” Former Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that the continued rockets on Israeli towns is something that Israel simply cannot tolerate. He added, “I acted accordingly when there was such a challenge about two weeks before I left office… we responded with disproportional force.”‘Deterrence comes from inside. You project it.’

What is being done now is a war of attrition,” Netanyahu explained. “They attack us – we attack them. They rocket us, we send a helicopter that (…) kills two, three, five of their operatives. What we are doing is gradually habituating the other side to the ability that they will engage in the daily bloodletting and terrorizing of our cities, and they will suffer a certain price. That cannot continue.

“The very nature of deterrence is the disproportional response,” he said. “You up the ante. Israel has an enormous amount of ability and force that it can use to up the ante in various ways. But the main thing is to understand that you have to get out from a pattern of attrition to a policy of deterrence. That’s what I would change in Sderot overnight.”

Netanyahu said he did not believe Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s denials regarding the negotiations over Jerusalem. “If it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck – they are carving up Jerusalem,” he said.Source: Israel National News

Very true. And if it looks like a donkey, walks like a donkey and has a stupid looking comb-over, then Olmert IS an ass.