A new I&I/TIPP Poll finds that almost half, 47 percent, of registered voters who responded to the poll say that Joe Biden is mentally unfit for another four-year term.

The poll asked respondents to assign Biden a grade for his suitability of a second term. A (excellent), B (good), C (average), D (poor), and F (unacceptable).

The results were very bad for our most senile pf presidents. Biden earned either D (16%) or F (31)% grades. Just 33% gave him either A (14%) or B (19%). Another 16% rated him C — just average, Issues & Insights reported.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats were all excited over Biden (67 percent approved) compared to Republicans (a low, low ten percent).

Whites were also harsher on Biden than minorities:

Among white voters, 56% rated Biden at D or F, versus 28% who gave him A or B grades. For blacks, the comparable ratings were 19% D or F grades (poor) for Biden, but 46% gave him As or Bs (good). Hispanics split somewhere in the middle, with 40% giving Biden the lowest possible grades, but 41% giving him the highest.

And, in a possible bad omen for Biden in 2024’s presidential vote, Red State (52% poor, vs. 30% good) and Swing State (49% poor, 32% good) voters seem to be in tune, while even Blue State voters (42% poor, 36% good) seem at best ambivalent about Biden’s fitness for a second term.

Assessments of Biden’s physical fitness to stay another four years in the most powerful elected position in the world followed a similar pattern.

Once again, 47% of voters give Biden a D or an F for his physical fitness, while just 28% gave him an A or B. Also again, Republicans (78%) and independents (55%) give failing grades, while Democrats (13%) are far more generous. Some 57% of Dems give Biden top marks, versus just 9% of GOP members and 17% of independents.

Biden is probably the worst polling sitting president in history.

And for good reason.

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