The new host of “Meet The Press,” Chuck Todd, criticized Fox News, claiming that they have an “obsession” with finding media bias in every story. Todd also believes Fox straight news anchors interview conservatives without any balance from the other side.

Most interesting was the venue which Todd chose to bash Fox News, the progressive propaganda site funded by George Soros, Media Matters For America. Almost one hundred percent of Media Matters’ content is dedicated to trashing Fox News. Todd is no dummy he knew exactly what he was doing and where he was doing it.

In the interview Todd claimed he’s had a politically diverse range of guests on his show. When the Media Matters interviewer mentioned some Sunday shows balancing conservatives with news reporters, Todd said he doesn’t do that; it’s a “Fox phenomenon” because they have an agenda.

Media Matters: And how about when you have group discussions that feature a partisan conservative commentator matched up with a news reporter? There seems to be a working assumption that a straight news reporter will balance —

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Todd: I haven’t done that.

Media Matters: No, in a lot of the Sunday shows.

Todd: I can’t — I mean people that do that — that’s a Fox phenomenon. That’s not a — Fox may do that, but that’s their — they have an agenda. You know what I mean? I don’t do that. I don’t believe in that. If I’ve got a right-leaning voice, I need a left-leaning voice. Now, I think a bigger problem is — I think that all the shows need to reflect — it’s like, we go through this diversity checklist, right?

Perhaps Todd has never watched MSNBC, where he hosted a daily show. That network rarely has a guest offering the conservative perspective. As for Fox News, they usually have at least one leftist guest to debate the conservative guests.

Todd blasted Fox News in particular and how they have, in his words, an obsession and fixation on the subject of media bias:

Media Matters: So what do you think is the role of Fox? Do they do it right? Do they do something wrong? What do they do right and wrong?

Todd: I again, I think their obsession with always — I think it’s amusing to me, their obsession with trying to make everything about media bias. Whatever story, whatever angle, whatever stories is out there, there’s always some sort of supposed media-bias angle to it. And I’m like, “Aren’t they the number one media — news media outlet on cable?” So my concern, frankly, is less about the media organizations and more about the group think that’s taking place with the populace. I think citizens — too many citizens are only getting news from one place and not understanding the other side. Look, I want Meet the Press to be a place that hard-core conservatives and hard-core progressives feel like they can get a better understanding of things, as well as moderates, pragmatists, whatever you wanna call ’em. Everybody’s got a different name for them. Wishy-washy people, right, if you think they don’t stand up for their principles enough. Whatever it is. But that’s a challenge in these times. I think more and more people are gravitating toward their comfort zones politically and ideologically, and I think that that is reinforcing the negative perception on the press and journalism.

Todd neglected to mention the recent Robert Morris University survey which stated:

Fox News was named by 18.4% of all respondents as the one most trusted for accurate and objective reporting. Fox News was followed by CNN as the most trusted (14.1%) as well as ABC News (7.5%), local broadcasts (7.0%) and NBC News (6.9%).

The same study reported “by nearly a four-to-one margin, Americans see the U.S. news media biased in favor of liberals and against conservatives at 45.7% compared to those (12.7%) seeing the news media biased in favor of conservatives and against liberals.  Few, 16.2%, noted the news media is not biased in their coverage.”

In other words, Fox News may be obsessed with media bias, but as Joseph Heller wrote in his classic novel Catch-22, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”