Just like many other liberal Organizations that use Jewish in their name, the National Jewish Democratic Council is all Democratic Party, very little Jewish. Today they tried to cast doubt upon the Republican Party’s support of Israel because of Ron Paul’s hatred of the Jewish State.

Yesterday Rick Santorum joined Mitt Romney to say if (God-Forbid) Ron Paul got the nomination they would vote for him over Obama. Romney made his comment earlier in the week. Being primarily a political organization the NJDC knows those candidates had to give that answer when asked the question, because there is absolutely no way Paul gets the nomination but when he doesn’t, they want the Paul supporters to support the nominee’s efforts. OK Santorum won’t get the nomination either but he can dream can’t he?

The NJDC practically tripped over their underwear trying to rush out a video to highlight Santorum’s willingness to support Paul, sending out a video of the interview. Earlier in the week, they urged voters of both parties to contact both Romney and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus asking them to distance themselves from Paul’s perceived anti-Israel statements. As Chairman of the DNC, Preibus  has to stay neutral, he can’t bash Paul during the primary season.

The NJDC’s lemming-like trashing of the GOP is totally dishonest. First of all, both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are long-time  supporters and not just  because they are running for POTUS.  Santorum’s support goes back to his senate days, and his policy is to the right of the Israeli government.  Santorum doesn’t even believe in a two state solution saying about Judea and Samaria,

“the bottom line is that that is legitimately Israeli country. And they have a right to do within their country just like we have a right to do within our country.” He also denied the existence of ‘Palestinians’ as a distinct people, thus dismissing calls for the establishment of another hostile Arab state on Israel’s border.

Romney “Gets it.” Back in 2007, Romney took a helicopter tour of Israel guided by two Israeli Generals. The generals kept apologizing for the controversial security fence built to stop terrorists from entering Israel from the West Bank. Romney said, ‘Are the people on the other side of the fence shooting, because I see bullet marks.’ The generals said yes, so Governor Romney said, ‘Don’t apologize.’

Secondly the Ron Paul has been rejected and ostracized by the vast majority of the GOP.  In fact the recent exposure of Ron Paul’s newsletters has been led by people on the right because they are trying to draw support for another candidate, but because the thought of such a bigot representing the GOP is repugnant to most Republicans.

Perhaps the most dishonest part of the NJDC’s bashing of the GOP regarding Israel, is they haven’t distanced themselves from Barack Obama and his administration which is easily the most anti-Israel administration in the modern history of Israel led by a President who makes unreasonable demands upon the Jewish State, and refuses to make any demands upon the Palestinians

Where is the NJDC criticism? Nowhere!! You see the NJDC doesn’t care about Israel, they care about Democrats and Progressive policy. If they supported Israel they would bash both parties when they are wrong, but instead, they give the anti-Israel Obama a free pass. Perhaps they should take the “J” out of their name!

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