David Copperfield is a famous magician with a penchant for making things disappear. Once on TV the guy even made the entire Statue of Liberty disappear. Hezbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah went on TV today and said he could top Copperfield. Nasrallah was going to make the entire state of Israel disappear.

Maybe thats the reason why the EU refuses to brand Hezbullah a Terrorist organization, after all, a good magician is hard to find.

Nasrallah: Israel’s disappearance an established fact
Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said Friday that Israel’s disappearance was an established fact and that “the murder of (Hizbullah commander) Imad Mugniyah is a preliminary step Israel is planning for Lebanon and the region.”

The Hizbullah leader promised the Jewish state that the next war against his organization would be “something you have never seen.” Previous Speech Nasrallah thanks Winograd for his ‘honesty’ / Roee Nahmias Hizbullah leader lauds Winograd Commission for its inquiry of Second Lebanon War, says report proves Israel made many mistakes during fighting. Nasrallah also claims his organization has missiles capable of reaching ‘every part in occupied Palestine’

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According to Nasrallah, who spoke in a televised speech broadcast to thousands of supporters at a Beirut mosque, Israel’s defeat in the Second Lebanon War has marked the beginning of its decline. “In Israel there is a unanimous agreement that it lost the war. Using the word’s of (Israel’s first Prime Minister David) Ben-Gurion, that if Israel loses one war it will approach its end, one can understand that this is the situation.” He added that the Jewish state’s plan to target his organization’s leaders would not weaken Hizbullah.”Now the Israelis are threatening us with war.

They threatened before Imad Mugniyah’s murder and after it. His murder is an unprecedented move. They are speaking about a strategy of beheading among the resistance leaders (Hizbullah).”They believe that they are several leaders, headed by the hajj Imad, who were Hizbullah’s main source of strength in the war and that they have to behead these people in order to cause Hizbullah to lose its standing power,” he said. Nasrallah’s speech was broadcast at the Sayed al-Shohada mosque affiliated with the organization in the Lebanese capital’s Dahiya quarter, during an event in memory of three of the organization’s former leaders: Secretary-General Abbas Mousawi, the group’s senior intelligence official Imad Mugniyah, and senior official Ragheb Hareb who was killed in 1988. ‘In the next war IDF will be destroyed’

The Hizbullah leader went on to define Mugniyah’s assassination as an “unprecedented step”. “The hajj Imad Mugniyah was killed in the framework of an open war and in an unprecedented step through which Israel is preparing for a new war. I don’t wish to scare anyone. They are the ones making decisions on war and peace,” he said. Nasrallah clarified that in case of another war, Israel would be defeated once again by Hizbullah fighters.

“If a new war breaks out, they know their air force won’t be enough to win the war. They have done all they can and have failed. We are ready for a conflict, are ready to defend and are ready to create a new victory, God willing, with all the faith and all the pride. No one can defend himself against our missiles. “As for the ground offensive they are planning, I can say that your brothers (Hizbullah fighters), these heroes, will fight the Zionists’ army if it even thinks about invading Lebanon in any way and any place. I swear that your army and tanks will be defeated by Imad Mugniyah’s men,” he said. In his fiery speech, Nasrallah promised the crowd to avenge Mugniyah’s assassination. “We shall defend ourselves when and however we want to. We will make this choice independently. We shall defend ourselves. Hajj Imad, I swear in the name of God that your blood was not spilt in vain! “You robbing and murdering Zionists, I swear that in the next war we will fight you in a way you haven’t seen in your history! Your army will be destroyed in southern Lebanon. All you have left will be destroyed and Israel will remain without an army, and consequently will not remain,” he added.