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Joe Bastardi is a weatherman’s weatherman. In October 2012 for example, Bastardi correctly predicted as early as October 22 that Hurricane Sandy would form in the western Caribbean and make landfall on the Jersey Shore, over a full week before Sandy made landfall on October 30. He was consistent with his forecast despite the constant changes in forecasts from weather models and other meteorologists claiming that his idea of a Jersey landfall would fail to come to fruition.

Joe also happens to be a scientist who exposes the lies put out by the global warming hoaxers. His latest debunking is the NASA and NOAA claim that November 2013 was the hottest month ever. But like so many other claims coming out of NASA, this claim fraudulent. The claim that November 2013 was the hottest month ever is fraudulent. In the video below Bastardi blasts NASA and NOAA for picking data that solely suits an agenda.

For example Joe points to the parts of the world that were not used to make the November temperature report, because they didn’t show a temperature rise.

A clear cooling trend is shown…before alterations were made later. A few years later these alterations were made to show a slight warming. Bastardi writes: “They are tampering with data” […] November data “not even the warmest in four years.”

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He then goes on to say the USA has seen the biggest drop in temperature this year that it has ever had. The satellite data also show that temperatures for November were much cooler, and Joes asks: “Why doesn’t the media actually go look at what is going on here?”

Watch the full video below

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