Nancy Pelosi has said some very outrageous things in her time such as we need to pass Obamacare so people will find out what’s in it, or that she objected to waterboarding but didn’t complain becauseit was not her place to complain because she was no longer the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee. Today’s quote is up there with the former speaker’s most outrageous.

Pelosi said today that Republicans are using scandals coming out of the White House to undermine President Barack Obama out of “fear,” because he is “such a great president.”

No really– that’s what she said:

“They make so much of these issues, because this president is such a great president,” Pelosi said during a press conference on Capitol Hill, ending a week filled with new revelations about scandals involving the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting conservative groups, and the Justice Department seizing phone records of reporters at the Associated Press.

“He’s a visionary—you’ve heard me say this so many times,” Pelosi said of Obama. “This is a great president. He’s a visionary. He has a knowledge of our country, concerns of the American people that give him judgment as to what plan we should have to go forward to strengthen the middle class.

“And he has an eloquence to convey that message,” she said. “They fear that, and so any issue that comes up, they will try to exploit.”

“And some of them are legitimate issues, but they should not dominate everything,” she said. “And so what I think is that they have used talking points on Benghazi. They will use the IRS. They will use the AP. They will use these as, again, subterfuges, evasions of what the American people want us to do here.”

“They want us to create jobs,” she said. “Now if you’re a party in Congress, and you have no intention of creating jobs, you want to change the subject.

“So I think this is as much about enforcing their anti-government ideology, of not a public role in the creation of jobs, as well as undermining the president of the United States,” Pelosi said.

 Holy Cow!  I didn’t think anyone could be THAT partisan!  Four people died in Benghazi and the American People were lied to, The IRS went after people based on their political affiliations,  and the Department of Justice broke its own rules to get the telephone records of AP reporters…but the ONLY reason the GOP is investigating these “scandal” is to get back at a GREAT President? And yes that description of Obama is as crazy as Pelosi’s conspiracy theory about the GOP. 

She can’t be that partisan, she can’t really believe that nonsense.  If she does the woman truly needs mental help!