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Either Nancy Pelosi has lost all connection with reality or she believes the American People are really stupid.  The minority leader told Chris Wallace

“It isn’t as much a spending problem as it is priorities,” Mrs. Pelosi, said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“It is almost a false argument to say that we have a spending problem.” she added.

Mrs. Pelosi, a former House speaker, also warned against the looming sequester cuts, saying Congress must work with the White House to avoid those reductions, calling them “something that should be out of the question.”

The Democratic House leader said she backed a “big, bold proposal,” to curb long-term spending, and, short of that, a plan that ended subsidies for large oil companies and eliminated loopholes in the tax code.

“Nothing brings more money the Treasury of the United States than investment in education of the American people, so we have to recognize that,” she said. “Cuts in education, scientific research and the rest are harmful and they are what are affected by the sequestration.”

First of all sequestration doesn’t cut spending, it cuts the rate of increase.

Secondly as you can see below federal spending under Obama has grown by almost ONE TRILLION Dollars a year. And that 2009 fiscal spending gets charged to President Bush, but $800 billion of that spending was the Obama/Pelosi stimulus package.

Pelosi’s argument (which is similar to that of the President’s) belies the facts. Under their watch the already too high rate of federal spending has accelerated. They believe the gap can be closed with additional taxation, even though history shows higher taxation will result in lower revenues and a further slowdown of the economy.

According to a recent Fox News Poll, the voters disagree with Pelosi’s stance:

More than eight in ten American voters (83 percent) think government spending is out of control, according to a Fox News poll released Friday.  That’s up from 78 percent who said so in 2010 and 62 percent in 2009.  Some 11 percent think spending is being managed carefully.

The truth is that the ONLY way to get the US economy out of the mess it’s in is to cut spending.