NAACP Senior VP, Director of Advocacy Hilary Shelton spent a lot of time on Fox News this week, defending the organization’s hit job on the Tea Party movement. It doesn’t seem though, that he realizes that there are people that watch more than one show on the Network.

On July 13th on Meghan Kelly’s show Phil Dennis of the Dallas Tea Party asked Shelton if he had ever been to tea party.

Dennis: “Have you been to a tea party event?” Shelton: “I have watched you on TV. I’m afraid to go… I have not.”

I have not, I’m afraid to go. That means no, right? Maybe not.

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Three days later on “America’s Newsroom” Shelton debated the merits the anti-Tea Party resolution with Deneen Borelli, full-time fellow with the Project 21 black leadership network. This time when asked, Shelton said he did attended a tea party rally, the one at the U.S. Capitol on the weekend of the House of Representative’s vote on health care.

Borelli: “Have you been to a tea party?” Shelton: “I was. As a matter of fact… I was on Capitol Hill at that tea party rally…”

As a matter of fact… I was  That mean yes doesn’t it?  Watch the video below and tell me.

If you cannot see video below, Click Here.

How could it be no on Tuesday but yes on Friday.  Did he board the Starship Enterprise, do that once around the sun maneuver go back into the past and attend the rally? Or is it more like what Deneen Borelli said?

“Did Hilary Shelton lie to me? If he can’t give a simple, straightforward answer about whether he has been to a tea party, that certainly calls the truthfulness of his other claims about the tea party movement into question.”

“The increasing politicization of the NAACP is putting the reputation of this venerable civil rights institution at risk. For it to be allowed to be used as a weapon to attack the tea party movement calls its credibility into question, and Hilary Shelton telling two tales of his interactions with the tea party is troubling,” added Borelli. “I would suggest he take the time to read the tea party’s Contract from America and attend a tea party rally — for the first or second time — with an open mind.”

Not only is the NAACP losing it relevance with its anti-Tea Party resolution, but it’s spokesmen appear to be as dishonest as its resolution.