Besides hearing the term, the “N” word a hundred times a day, this Omarosa nonsense we have been hearing about since the weekend raises two critical points.

First, when someone is an a-hole in a reality show, they won’t change if you raise them from obscurity and give them a job in the White House. Because once an a-hole always an a-hole.

The second point is the letter “N” has a word, the other 25 letters should have a word also.

Right after the OJ murder trial, that horrible word that only rappers and African-American comedians can use became the “N” word. Unless you are an African-American, even if you are explaining that some horrible person said the “N” word you can’t say the word, you must say, “N” word.

More recently we stopped being able to use the noun “bitch,” it became the “B” word. It is okay to use the word as a verb. Such as she bitched at me all day.” But it was now a major PC police violation if you say, “That bitch! She bitched at me all day.”

When I was a kid, the only time I was allowed to say cuss words” was when I was tattling (usually on my older brother or sister), such as “Mommy, Paul said F**k.” These days it has become much easier for kids to tattle, by simply using the term, the “F” word.

There are those who believe this initial-using protocol is an example of political correctness gone overboard, but I  disagree. We have 26 letters in the alphabet– we should have words that go with ALL the letters. And maybe some of the letters should have more than one–but it’s not nice to leave any letter out, it may hurt their feelings.

Therefore, to honor a society where some people say the scientific term “black hole” is racist, below is a proposed list of words the federal government should not allow us to say out loud.  Yes, they should pass a law.

Most of the below are designed to make the liberals happy because, to be honest, conservatives are more concerned with saving the country than being politically correct.

  • “A” Word– Acosta, which is short for a narcissistic newsman who makes every story about himself
  • B” Word-  Bitch, as in former Senator Barbara “don’t call me Ma’am call me Senator” Boxer.
  • C” Word– Cuts, as in Tax or Budget Cuts. Democrats who push politically correct nonsense, and their friends in the mainstream media, believe allowing Americans to touch their own money is evil,
  • D” Word–  Deportation. That’s what is supposed to happen to illegal immigrants when the government decides to enforce the law. Deportation is something progressives abhor.
  • “E” Word- Electoral College. Whenever they lose a presidential election, Democrats believe the electoral college should be abolished.
  • “F” Word- Still the traditional F**k Some people used “F” word to call Barney Frank was called Fa*g**.  But to be perfectly honest, I can’t understand what is wrong with calling former Congressman Frank a “Fat Guy.” “F” is doubly privileged, after all, it not only has a word, but “F” has a bomb.
  • G” Word- Guns those evil things that are bad for America although the Bill of Rights guarantees we have the right to bear arms. Note to dyslexic people. Please be extra careful when reading this, we have the right to bear arms, we do not have the right to arm bears.



  • H” Word- Hillary. Two years later she still doesn’t believe she lost and blames everyone except the one person responsible—Hillary. She is thinking of running again in 2020. President Trump would love her to, but the Democrats are begging her to stay home.
  • “I” Word- Illegal Immigration. Liberals hate that term they prefer Undocumented Alien. I prefer Criminally Trespassing Alien.
  • “J” Word-As in Journalist. A title for which most news people don’t care about earning.
  • K” Word– Kardashian. It’s short for an untalented person who makes millions because…well, actually there is no real reason why they should make all that money.
  • “L” WordLiberal, a political philosophy that believes in higher taxes, more government spending, and taking away the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.



  • M” Word-  Mueller. The special prosecutor leading the collusion investigation of the Trump campaign, even though there wasn’t any collusion. You want proof? If there were actual collusion, former President Obama’s house Jew, Congressman Adam Schiff would have leaked it months ago. Democrats of the Catholic faith have written the Pope asking that he consider Mueller for sainthood.
  • N” Word The “traditional” definition.
  • O” Word– Oil. Liberals believe oil bad stuff. Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg insist Americans must be weaned off oil.  Weaned off? I don’t know about you, but I never drink the stuff.
  • P” Word– Police. Our heroes in blue put their arses on the line every day to protect us, our families and our stuff. We should be thanking them every day, but the liberals hate them.
  •  “Q” Word- Qur’an a Book that terrorists never read nor have they ever heard of its existence. Because the liberals believe the war on terror has nothing to do with radical Muslims.
  • R” Word– Rocky or Rambo. If Sylvester Stallone makes one more Rocky or Rambo movie he should be waterboarded.


  • “S” Word-Socialist. Even though socialist governments have killed over 100,000,000 people, and the system has never worked anywhere in the world, it is the direction the Democratic Party wants to take America.
  • “T” WordTrump. Some Democrats say he is not their president. Tough sh*t!  He’s everyone’s president so stop with the obstruction and get used to it
  • “U” WordUnnamed Source. It’s the term modern reporters use when an anti-Trump story pops out of their backside. My unnamed sources tell me that the Washington Post’s unnamed sources are liars who don’t know what they are talking about.
  • “V” Word– Voter Fraud. Democrats close their eyes to voter fraud. They believe anyone who suggests people should show a picture ID when they vote is racist. They also believer breathing is racist. Those same Democrats want people to show ID’s when purchasing firearms. Doesn’t that make Democrats racist? After all, an AR-15 is black.
  • W” WordWall. That thing we need to build on our southern border to help the border patrol stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.
  • X” WordXenophobia,  Liberals say we can’t say anything truthful about Islamist terrorists.  If we do, we are suffering from Xenophobia.
  • “Y” Word– Yerushalayim, the Hebrew word for Jerusalem. Donald Trump kept his promise, recognized that Israel’s capital is Israel’s capital. He even moved the U.S. Embassy to Yerushalayim. This pissed off Democrats because they have become the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic party
  • “Z” Word– Zealot. This is what Democrats call any person who has attended a religious service more than once in a particular year (Muslims not included). The Democrats believe most zealots live in rural America, have two teeth, voted for the “T” word and cling to their “G” words.

There you have it America, start learning them now, because they will unite the country. Well, probably not unite the country, because the Democrats have too much hate in their hearts. But at least it will keep them busy for a while.

Some of you may say this is entirely wrong the Federal Government should not interfere with communications. These people believe the government should stay away from what goes into or comes out of our mouths, or that the words we use are a matter of personal freedom. To them I say, how different is this 26 letter substitution plan than the food labeling provisions of Obamacare. The  Democratic Party politicians believe they can tell us what we can’t put into our mouths, like salt or sugared soda, isn’t the next logical step for the government to tell us what can (and more importantly what cannot)  come out of our mouths?

IIf you believe the government shouldn’t be allowed to tell us what we can say, then you must be one of those freedom-loving conservatives.