my good friend Ken McClenton

Today (May 12), I had the honor of being the guest host of the Schaftlein report.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

To make sure the show would be special, I invited my good friend Ken McClenton to be the show’s guest. Ken’s the President of The Exceptional Conservative Network ( ). He lives in our nation’s capital, but unlike the other president in Washington, Ken is not suffering from dementia.

Ken is a great conservative pundit providing insight into the day’s political news. Also…well…let’s just say when Ken and I get together, along with the political insight, things tend to get funny. We like to make each other laugh about politics, after all, he’s my brother from a darker mother.

Below is the list of topics we discussed is below and under that is a video of the show.

  • Are you an Ultra Maga?
  • Republicans Press AG Garland to Prosecute Pro-Abortion Demonstrators Outside Justices’ Homes
  • Liberals are making up stories about the Alito document. Will the liberal and MSM freak out hurt the GOP in the midterms?
  • US Household debt hits a record high of nearly $16 Trillion, Per the NY Fed. PPI +11% and CPI up 8.3%. Store shelves are almost empty, and baby formula is nearly gone. What can the Federal Government do? 
  • Some economists say we are already in a recession – other ones say not yet, it’s coming in 2023. But whose fault is the economic slowdown? Who will Biden blame? Is it Putin’s fault, Trump’s fault, all American fault, or will the President blame that kid Johnny who used to beat me up in elementary school??
  • Biden administration cancels major oil and gas leases in ht Gulf and Alaska. Did anyone tell him we are having a gas crisis? Two years ago, we were energy independent, But now Biden is asking other countries to help out.
  • 2021 saw a record amount of illegal drug deaths, 108,000, almost a third more than 2020. 71 thousand of those deaths were from Fentanyl. How did all that Fentanyl get into America?

Enjoy the program below.

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