Will the last one out of LGF PLEASE Turn off the lights–Below Is Monsters Tale of Banishment.

I turned Charles into a newt, or something.

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Ever wonder what it takes to be purged by Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs? Well, wonder no more. I have demonstrated it.

You see, Charles doesn’t like being lumped in with Rabid Reich Winger RethugliKKKans. So he’s drawn some lines in the sand. He doesn’t much like “Intelligent Design”, nor “racists” (a term that includes as guilty by association anyone who ever attends any event at which anyone else he considers a “racist” attends, but we’ll get to that one in more detail later), nor “Nirthers”.

He is so freaked out by the controversies over Barack Obama’s birth, the possibility of his ever having citizenship of the UK, Kenya, and/or Indonesia, that he will not tolerate anything that faintly resembles advocacy of “Nirtherism”. Well, the other day, Charles decided to take another shot at that particular punching bag:

Even among people who accept that Barack Obama is a US citizen, a sort of “spinoff” idea keeps coming up in our discussions of the Nirther craziness: that Barack Obama “won’t release” his original birth certificate (some people refer to it as a “long form” certificate) because there’s something on it he wants to hide.

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The two most common explanations suggested by LGF commenters for this “hidden info” are that the birth certificate: 1) lists Obama’s religion as “Muslim,” or 2) lists his race as “black” or “white” (both possibilities have been argued).

Note that there is no space on the form for any kind of religion, and no space for either the religion or the race of the baby, although the race of both parents is listed.

Status: debunked.

Let’s boil his argument down to its essentials, 

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