My first thoughts were about the end of Hillary’s speech. She Said GOD 4x, I think that is 3x more than I have ever heard the word God from a Democrat in a single speech.The speech was incredibly Tepid. She basically said vote for Obama because he is a Democrat. Clinton never said that she thought that Obama would be a good leader. What she said was, “Vote For Obama, because he agrees with Me.” She did nothing to show she that her feelings about Obama have changed;

  • When Hillary came out, Bill was in his traditional biting the lip pose. Am I the only one who wonders why Bill Clinton hasn’t bit through his lip?
  • Michelle Obama was back to scowl tonight. Did you see her when she was clapping for Hillary? Almost a grimice. Although Mrs. Obama did smile when Clinton said that she would be a great first lady (even though she did not say tht Obama would be a great President).
  • That story about the woman with cancer was really heart warming. But I am bald too, why would I want the government to screw up my kids health care?
  • I like her invisible shtick. I feel invisible. And if Obama wins I will be invisible AND broke.
  • I don’t know if Senator Clinton should have used the Phrase “we did it before with President Clinton.” Wasn’t that an issue with him? Monica Lewisnky, Gennifer Flowers, etc. Hell EVERYBODY did it with President Clinton.
  • Wait a second. Hilary spoke about shifting jobs overseas? Didn’t Obama tell her that the reason jobs were shifting overseas was the Fact that China is better than us at infrastructure?
  • Hillary is right we don’t need four more years, of the Democrats preventing drilling.
  • Hillary says she is a NY Senator because of the conference in Seneca NY. Actually she is a Senator because her husband was president and Rudy was diagnosed with cancer and had to drop out.

Bottom Line is that she said what she had to, and not one iota more. You can tell that there is still no love lost between the do. It was totally impersonal. Nothing about Obama’s charachter, that she got to know him more and he really would be a good president. The speech could have been named, Vote for Obama, now lets talk about me.