It seems the “Stupid Fairy” was hovering over the House Ways and Means Committee today sprinkling his stupid dust over the head of Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash) during the testimony of Tea Party victims of the IRS scandal.  McDermott, told the witnesses that what happened to them was wrong, but it never would have happened if they weren’t seeking a tax-break.

“You’re to blame, I guess that’s the message here,” interjected Congressman Paul Ryan.

 Surprisingly McDermott didn’t suggest..Now if those Tea Party people avoided wearing  suggestive clothing, however you can watch what he did say in the video below make sure to watch the next video also–it has Paul Ryan’s response:

Sorry Congressman McDermott, but if you don’t like the law you are better placed than any of us to try and change it—until that happens, advocacy groups, even ones you disagree with are allowed to apply for tax exempt status without becoming a political target of the IRS.  It’s says so in something called the United States Constitution. Perhaps you should read it one day.