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OK Maybe it isn’t the Flotilla Choir, it is the Israeli TV Show Known as Latma TV, its kind of like Saturday Night Live, only funnier. The Pseudo choir has it right, the Guerrilla Flotilla does have much of the world conned. Well some of it.

President Obama is not conned, this game of good guy Joe Biden and bad guy State Department, is exactly what was planned from the beginning. The Biden thing is just a ruse to help the democratic party to gain back some of the “good feelings” and campaign dollars back from the Jewish community. Do not be fooled, as bad as President Obama has been for Israel in his first year and a half as president, it will only be worse after the Mid-term elections.

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Also not conned, are people like MJ Rosenberg, the bully with a PC, who was once disciplined by the State Department for playing fast and loose with secret documents.

Not that he was a spy, just careless. And as careless as Rosenberg was with secret documents, he has been with the truth when it comes to Israel. His latest claim is that the media has been too pro-Israel, somebody has to get the guy new glasses. Well either that or recognize the fact Rosenberg is a Senior Fellow for the Media Matters Action network, the George Soros progressive media watchdog who’s job is to squash anti-Obama media reports. It is Rosenberg’s job to support the Obama anti-Israel position by ensuring that any truth told about what happened last Sunday between the terrorist IHH and the IDF will be ignored or suppressed.

Also not conned are the Democratic Progressives in the US Congress. They know that Obama is the most anti-Israel US President in the short history of the modern state of Israel. But to these people, such as my Congressman, Steve Israel that does not matter. Neither does the fact that Israel is trying to defend herself against terrorists. These members of congress are are quiet because advancing their political career is much more important to them than protecting an ally or having a sense of morality in US foreign policy. These congressmen and senators should be ashamed of themselves because in a time of great danger to Israel and to the Jewish People In general they remain silent. Gee when did that happen before?