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Freshman New Hampshire Democrat Annie Kuster (NH-02) was at an event where she was taking questions about the Middle East. She was asked about Benghazi by a concerned constituent, first she thought it was a senate issue, then she said she only wanted to talk about the Middle East. While Libya is technically not part of the Middle East (it is generally lumped in there when discussing Middle East policy…This woman doesn’t seem too bright..

REP. KUSTER: (Reading) First, can you please let me know your position about on HR 36 that would authorize a select committee to get to the bottom of Benghazi….um, I don’t have…that’s a Senate, I think…I don’t think we have anything about that in the House….

CONSTITUENT: Yes you do.

REP. KUSTER: And the rest of this is also on Benghazi, so…

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CONSTITUENT: Can you address Benghazi? What are you going to do about Benghazi? Why isn’t Benghazi at the top of your issue?

REP. KUSTER: Well, I’m certainly not here to talk about it. We’re here to talk about the Middle East.

CONSTITUENT: That is the Middle East!

CONSTITUENT #2: Libya is like right in the middle of the Middle East.

CONSTITUENT: Benghazi is the Middle East!

Kuster Staff member  We don’t want to get this — There are a lot of different ideas and a lot of different opinions here. The Congresswoman was nice enough share with this audience questions on the topic and have a civil discussion. That’s why we have the postcards that state the format of answering questions.

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