I found this great post on Atlas Shrugs. Apparently Muslim Veterans are going to lay a wreath Honoring those Muslim Americans that were part of D-Day. The only problem is—THERE WERE NONE. I think all US Veterans of all backgrounds should be honored and on the other hand I think that people who lie about their service are amongst the most despicable people around:

CAIR Rewrites American History: WWII

Muftinazi_muslim_troops Look, I am suspect of any World War II veterans group established in 1997 – uh…… huh? And it is common knowledge that the Muslims were conspiring with the Nazis. FACT. But facts are irrelevant when it comes to the Islamic narrative. Bill Warner sent me this latest outrage by CAIR — but remember if they keep repeating it, it becomes part of the conventional wisdom. Just ask Israel. Bill writes;

DC: Muslims Veterans to Lay Wreath at WWII Memorial CAIR 11/1/2007 (Washington, DC – 11/01/2007) – On Veteran’s Day, American Muslim service members will lay a wreath at the National WWII Memorial to honor Muslims and all those who served in that conflict. Muslims_vet_bull Additionally, three surviving American Muslim WWII veterans will be honored, including Army Sgt. Nazeem Abdul Hakeem who fought at Normandy. Who: Muslim American Veterans Association
What: will lay a wreath at the National WWII Memorial to honor American Muslims and others who served in that conflict Where: 17th Street between Constitution and Independence Avenue in Washington D.C.
When: November 11, 2007 (Veterans Day) between 10-11 a.m.
The Muslim American Veterans Association has conducted similar wreath laying at the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials. For more information: CDR Saleem G. Abdul-Mateen, Muslim American

Bill adds, “I am as close to an expert on the invasion of Normandy as you can get, my father and his 3 brothers were at the invasion of Normandy, my Father (Robert Warner) parachuted into St. Mere Eglise France at 2:30am on 6/06/1944, D-Day, with the 82nd Airborne, there were no Muslim parachuter’s on 6/06/1944.”

Read the whole post by clicking here–it will just boggle your mind