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Much of the growing tide of Anti-Semitism in Europe originates in the
local Muslim communities. In this example from Spain we see a local 
Sheik inciting the Muslim community against Jews in his sermon claiming that the “plundering Jews” were “the masters of treachery and betrayal,” and praying aloud: “Oh Allah, the Most Merciful, count them one by one, and do not spare a single one of them.”

During his Friday August 22nd sermon at a mosque in Azuqueca De Henares, Spain (about 25 miles from Madrid), Sheik Saleheoldine El Moussaoui used the Gaza war to spew anti-Semitic hatred.

Dear brothers, what is being done to the Muslims in Palestine, in Gaza, as well as in the other Muslim countries – we would have been surprised if it were done by anyone other than the Jews.

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But that is their nature. The Jews are by nature treacherous and war-mongering. There can be no peace with the Jews. What peace are you talking about?!

(…) This is their way of life. The Jews and the Zionists have treachery and killing as their way of life. They are a people of enmity and jealousy, the masters of treachery and betrayal. As Allah described them in the Quran: They want to spread corruption in the land.

The Zionists do not feel alive if they don’t spread corruption. They spread corruption in the land. They cannot live without corruption, treachery, and betrayal.

(…)[Allah] described them as killers, so their killing of our brothers in Gaza and in Palestine should come as no surprise. They killed the prophets, the best among mankind. The best people in the eyes of Allah are the prophets and messengers. Yet they killed them, showing no regard for pacts of protection. Allah said [to the Jews]: “Taste the punishment of the burning fire.” This is what awaits them: the torments of the burning fire.

(…) Oh Allah, support Islam and the Muslims everywhere, and humiliate polytheism, heresy, and the infidels everywhere. Oh Allah, destroy the plundering Jews. Oh Allah, the Most Merciful, count them one by one, and do not spare a single one of them.

Source: MEMRI
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